Laughter is Good Medicine

It’s often been said that laughter is the “best” medicine.  If that’s true, then it goes without saying that laughing must be good for both your body and your mind.

There’s lots of pressure on kids these days, so if kids, as well as their parents, engage with any humorous content, it will lift their moods and act as a distraction from other things which may be concerning them. Given the circumstances which surround us, mental health has never been more important.

Laughter can help to take away stress by lowering your blood pressure and helping your muscles to relax. 

It helps to release endorphins or “happy chemicals” into your brain which makes you feel good.

😁 Laughter helps keep your immune system strong, which is important in helping to protect you from illnesses.

😁 Laughter helps you to protect your body from pain.

😁 Laughter helps us to respond positively when we have problems.

😁 Laughter helps to exercise muscles in our faces, and is a great way to keep our faces looking young.

😁 Laughter can be contagious.  If you laugh, people laugh with you even if they don’t always know what you’re laughing about.

So….try to keep humour in your life! 

👉🏽 Tell or listen to funny jokes.  Watch funny movies, TV shows or video clips.

👉🏽 Talk about funny situations; even if they are embarrassing at times. 

👉🏽 Do some research on the internet about different kinds of humour which can make people laugh.

👉🏽 Do you know what “canned laughter” is?

Kids Activity

Perhaps you could draw some cartoons with funny captions.  How about developing your own cartoon strip?

In keeping with the theme for this Mr Zed’s Blog Laughter is the Best Medicine, you might like to have a bit of fun with the following ‘Doctor Doctor’ jokes by perhaps printing out a couple of copies and partnering up with a friend, Mum, Dad, or even have a bit of fun with your grandparents if/when you get to visit them.

Try “both’ parts….you as the Doctor…swap…and then you as the patient.

These are always a lot of fun and guarantee a few laughs.  For a number of years, classes I had performed them at assemblies.

So….why don’t you have a go?