Simple Relaxation Activities for Children (Part 2)

There are many easy and enjoyable activities that children can do to create a sense of bliss and calm; especially useful in times of heightened emotions . This information is a continuation of the blog Simple Relaxation Activities Part 1.  Ensure you supervise your children when carrying out these activities.  Enjoy this time together!

Tapping and self-massage

  • Tap head like raindrops
  • Tap your face as though raindrops are falling
  • Tap chest like a gorilla
  • Tap arms as if you are making pizza dough
  • Give your body a quick massage and imagine your neck, back, arms and legs are like playdough or jelly and you’re touching the playdough or jelly.  Be gentle 

Cloud gazing and using your imagination

  • Look at the clouds
  • What can you see?
  • Can you see a person?
  • Can you see an animal or animals?
  • Can you see a cloud shaped car?
  • Can you see a piece of fruit in the shape of a cloud?
  • Use your imagination and find lots of different cloud shapes and objects

Laughter Exercises

  • Laugh like a kookaburra
  • Laugh like a king or queen
  • Laugh like a happy baby
  • Laugh like a pirate
  • Laugh like a lion
  • Laugh like a clown
  • Purr like a cat
  • Buzz like a bee

Hand, Imprint, Handprint, In, Finger, Colour

Photo by Schaferle from Pixabay

Craft activities

Art activities

  • Mindful colouring: Enjoy colouring in a picture; focus on the action of colouring in
  • Nature Collage: Collect items from the garden, park or beach and arrange the items on your paper with glue
  • Textured collage: Collect items from around the house like pasta, ribbon, cardboard, material, stickers, string etc and arrange the items on your paper with glue
  • Hand of Gratitude: Put your hand in paint, make a handprint then write or draw things or people you are grateful for on the hand

Copy my rhythm (clapping game) 

  • Adult makes a clapping pattern and child repeats then swap
  • Take turns doing this

Relaxation for kids is usually very fun and interactive but the overall purpose is to promote feelings of calmness in your children.  This is now more important than ever with the challenges our world is facing.  Let’s create a calmer and kinder world.

Helen Anderson – Kindness Cultivator

B Ed, B Bus, Adv. Dip of Nutrition, Dip of Counselling, Dip of Life Coaching





Disclaimer: These activities do not replace the advice of any medical practitioners.  Always seek advice from a doctor or medical practitioner if you have any concerns.   

Accreditation: Feature photo by Yan Krukov from Pexels