Happiness and Kindness

When people are happy, it’s much easier to be kind.  However, being kind results in increased happiness, so they really go hand-in-hand.  It is vital that we teach our children how to be happy and kind.  Naturally equipping children with positive coping tools is essential due to the hectic pace of society today. 

The 20th March is World Happiness Day.  To honour World Happiness Day, check out the ideas below and share these with your children to promote happiness 😁 

Simple ideas that promote happiness and laughter

  • Sharing stories
  • Playing games and / or telling riddles, brain teasers and jokes
  • Creating a dance together and / or dancing to music
  • Dressing up in costume
  • Looking at the clouds and making shapes out of them – use your imagination
  • Acting out a story
  • Spending time with family and friends
  • Doing things that you enjoy

An acrostic poem ‘HAPPINESS

Help family and friends

Always use manners

Please be kind

Play and have fun

Imagination is important

Nature time

Eat healthy food, exercise, enjoy comedy and manage emotions

Sleep well

Share and show gratitude

Activity: Share the Happiness Acrostic poem with your children.  Ask them how many things in the poem they do on a daily or weekly basis.  Is there anything they could add that could contribute to increased levels of happiness?

Activity: Teach your children to make an acrostic poem with either words or pictures.  Younger kids might think of things that start with that letter and then they can draw a picture starting with that letter.

20-Day Happiness Bingo Challenge

ActivityCarry out the 20-Day Happiness Bingo challenge with your children.  Lead by example.

World Happiness Day is a great excuse to come together as a family, enjoy each other’s company, share some laughs and create happy memories together.  Here’s to World Happiness Day and your continued happiness! Spread joy, laughter, hope, peace and kindness like glitter 🌟🌟🌟. 

Helen Anderson – Kindness Cultivator

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Disclaimer: These activities do not replace the advice of any medical practitioners.  Always seek advice from a doctor or medical practitioner if you have any concerns.   

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