Roslyn Saunders

Roslyn Saunders is an author, speaker, educator and coach in codependency recovery; an area of addiction that is not well understood, but is evident throughout society today.

As a parent with children who have lived in addiction, including food addiction, Roslyn gained firsthand experience of the internal strength, courage, and resilience required to establish and hold clear boundaries. Roslyn works with parents and carers to gain the confidence and strength to say ‘no’ – and hold it – to children in a mealtime setting, while grocery shopping, and to food-based treats and rewards. She understands intimately the challenge of saying ‘no’ to our children to break the generational cycle of addiction in families and forge a new way of living.

Author of Emotional Sobriety: finding raw courage to heal your co-dependence, Roslyn is passionate about walking alongside parents and carers as they gain the knowledge and skills that lead to a healthier, happier life for every family member.

She can be reached via email