Anneliese Sherline

I am Anneliese Dip (A.Th.) HH Dip (Cl.A.Th.), and I have been in the health industry for over 30 years.


I started off in the fitness industry, then studied to become a herbalist and naturopath, which I have been practicing for 22 years. Health issues are quite often related to emotional issues, and one can’t be healed without healing the other. Knowing this, led me to become an art therapist.


Young children lack the ability to communicate verbally and effectively with adults and adolescents. Art therapy allows children to process trauma, which reduces stress and anxiety. It allows the development of fine motor skills, and gives an opportunity for self-expression.


Art, also, helps awakens a child’s imagination and creativity, to help them discover who they are and how to engage their senses.


I use a holistic approach supporting my clients through their emotional and behavioural challenges. Located in Helensvale on the Gold Coast, Sanctuary Art Therapy is a unique, holistic safe space, and offers sessions in person or via video conferencing (, for one-on-one, groups, children, teens, adults and seniors, promoting mental wellness.


I look forward to contributing information, education and activity suggestions to CommonHealth Kids families.


Please, visit me at