The Amazing Army – Gets Kids Healthy! (eBook)


Downloadable eBook of The Amazing Army – Gets Kids Healthy!

The Amazing Army – Gets Kids Healthy is a story that inspires young children to want to eat fruit and vegetables, as well as reject sweet foods!

There is a high emphasis on the effect that nutrition has on the immune system, and the impact that diet can either increase or decrease health.

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Developed for younger children, The Amazing Army™ – Gets Kids Healthy! is an inspirational rhyming storybook that cultivates a high motivation in children to eat fruit and vegetables, and to avoid sweet foods.

In a vivid tale of ‘good against evil’ occurring inside the body, Captain Im’mune™ and his Amazing Army™ go into battle against the Bad Bugs™ of illness. The Amazing Army’s energy comes from colourful fruit and vegetables, delivered by Major Energy™, but is weakened by the sweets and treats of the spy, Sneaky Sweetie™.

View photos of children dressed up as the story’s characters, along with colourful cartoon illustrations. Sing their anthems, and embark upon The Amazing Army Mission with a healthy eating Goal Chart, as well as a Major Energy™ Award.

With plenty of fun activities to reinforce the fruit and veggies message, plus recipes and health education for the parents, see how The Amazing Army™ can get your kids healthy!


ISBN: 9780646588230
ISBN-10: 0646588230
Audience: Children
Format: eBook (PDF)
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 32
Published: 1st October 2012